Alexis Fawx and Tiffany Watson: Caught Mom Squirting

Tiffany Watson & Alexis Fawx: Caught Mom Squirting

Tiffany Watson suspects her stepmom Alexis Fawx had some sort of medical condition. It seems as though Alexis is addicted to masturbating! When she came home from class yesterday, not only was her suspicion confirmed, but the condition was serious. You see, Alexis Fawx is a projectile squirter. OMG! I Caught Mom squirting!

Tiffany was in the kitchen getting a drink when she heard the screams coming from the bedroom. Mom is masturbating… again! She just caught her stepmom Alexis fucking her dildo this morning, how can she need to cum so much?? When Tiffany Watson opened the bedroom door, she was shocked at what she saw. Her stepmom was completely naked on the bed with her vibrator on her clit. And her pussy was squirting all over the bedroom! MOM WTF?!?

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Alexis Fawx explains that she does in fact have a condition, a squirting condition. Not only is her horny stepmom totally addicted to masturbating, but she also squirts all over the place when she cums. Curious about her stepmom’s explosive orgasms, and somewhat aroused, Tiffany Watson asks Alexis; is it possible for anyone to squirt fountains like she does?? Alexis Fawx is more than willing to look for the answer to that question!

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Photos: Tiffany Watson Caught Mom Squirting

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