Girl On Girl Lesbian Elevator Sex With Skylar Snow And Angel Youngs

Girl On Girl Elevator Sex, Skylar Snow And Angel Youngs

Sometimes things can get wild in the elevator on your way back to your hotel room after a long night on the casino floor. Skylar Snow and Angel Youngs were up for some naughty girl on girl elevator sex! Going down??

Skylar and Angel Youngs just couldn’t resist the temptation to have sex in the elevator after a few drinks. As soon as the elevator doors closed, all it took was a glance before Skylar Snow was all over Angel’s big natural tits. Sucking her nipples with her fingers deep in her pussy, Skylar then pulls her to the floor for some sexy lesbian scissoring. Then out comes the pink and white strap-on dildo!

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Angel Youngs takes control when she straps on her rubber dong and tells Skylar to suck it. Of course, she obeys her lesbian lover. She wants Angel to fuck her, right there in the elevator. Just imagine, at the end of the night, the elevator doors open, and you see Angel Youngs and Skylar Snow in a girl-on-girl strap-on fuck fest!

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