Emily Willis Oiled Up Gaping Anal Squirting

Emily Willis Oiled Up Gaping Anal Squirting

Fucking Emily Willis must be like going to an amusement park, except all the rides have gaping assholes to stick your dick inside. You could drive a rollercoaster car into Emily’s anus in this oiled-up, gaping anal squirting fuck-fest!

Hot young pornstar Emily Willis doesn’t have this hot little one-piece swimsuit on for long. As soon as she completely covers herself in slippery oil, in comes Mick Blue to stretch it out of shape so he can easily access Emily’s gaping asshole. Using a squirt bottle, he fills Emily’s asshole with oil so she can perform some expert anal squirting all over his cock before dipping it back into her gaping anus to continue his ass fucking adventure ride.

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Emily Willis is eager to suck on his big dick, freshly pulled from her asshole. A slippery ass-to-mouth face fucking and the taste of her own bunghole is just what Emily needs before getting her ass completely wrecked.

Kenzie Taylor and Skylar Snow in Top Heavy Sluts 3 from Evil Angel

These pictures of pornstar Emily Willis are taken from the movie Oil For Days at evilangel.com.

Photos: Slippery Oiled-Up, Gaping Anal Squirting

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